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The Obvious Benefits of Adding an Outdoor Structure to Your Property

What type of outdoor structures are we talking about?

Outdoor structures can be any buildings or features constructed outside your main house structure. These can include gazebos, pergolas, sheds, outdoor kitchens etc. They provide additional living spaces, office space, gym space, or entertaining space and can enhance your options for spending time outside.

Types of outdoor structures to consider

When thinking about adding an outdoor structure to your property, consider options like pergolas, gazebos, patio covers, and sunrooms. Pergolas are open-air structures with a slatted roof, primarily to highlight an area of the garden and give sun protection, while gazebos are fully enclosed with a roof and open sides and can provide cover from the rain. Add a wall or fireplace to a gazebo to make it feel more like an outdoor living room. Patio covers in a general sense can extend a protection from the elements; we often add slat walls or masonry features to one or two walls depending on how cozy, vs wide open you want it to feel to the rest of the yard. Sunrooms and courtyards are both more integrated into the architecture of the home generally and offer a more enclosed space and an indoor-outdoor feel. Each type has its unique features, so choose one that best suits your needs and enhances your outdoor living experience.

Benefits of adding outdoor structures to your property

Adding outdoor structures to your property can enhance the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space. Here are some benefits you can enjoy:

  • Increased living space: Outdoor structures like patios or pergolas provide additional areas for relaxation and entertainment. Go all out with an office, craft, gym shed to give the room a functional purpose.
  • Enhanced property value: Well-designed outdoor structures can increase the value of your property, especially patio covers and extensions on the kitchen.
  • Improved outdoor living: Obviously with any outdoor structures, your goal is to add a place to enjoy the fresh air and natural surroundings right outside your door. Add meaningful and custom details to further entice you into stepping out the doors of the house to enjoy your space.
  • Customization options: Your personalizations to your outdoor structures to suit your style and needs, from a living room style area, or a cooking area so you can grill and prepare food, or some speakers and nice outdoor furniture to enjoy your down time.
  • Opportunity for outdoor activities: Outdoor structures create great opportunities for specific activities- think ahead when planning for the end use, like dining al fresco- plan for a table and chairs, hosting gatherings- plan for having space to stand or lean on a bar height counters, or simply enjoying the outdoors- add a roof for sun or rain protection and surround it with plants to encourage birds or pollinators.

outdoor living spaces basics

Outdoor structures like pergolas, gazebos, or outdoor kitchens can enhance your outdoor living spaces significantly. They provide shade, create a cozy atmosphere, and extend your living area beyond the confines of your home. By adding a well planned structure, you will be more keen to enjoy time outdoors, entertain guests, and relax in a comfortable outdoor setting without worrying about a bit of rain or the harsh sun. Outdoor structures are valuable beyond the value they add to your property, because they can draw you outdoors to enjoy more of your space.

Design and customization options for outdoor structures

You can customize your outdoor structure to match your property’s style and your preferences. Here are some common design and customization options:

  • Materials- Choose from various materials like wood, aluminum or powder coated steel are common.
  • Common features are lighting, heaters, fans, built-in seating, gas for grilling, hot or cold water, and counter/bar space.
  • Consider roof options like slat pergolas, louvers that open and close, poly covers that let light in, sky lights, standard shingles or metal roofing.
  • Customize the size, shape, and color to fit your outdoor space and pick the right placement. Further away gives you more of a journey through your garden where closer in will feel more like an extension of the room you are attaching to.
  • Incorporate privacy screens, planters, fire pit or fireplace, or even close of one or two walls if you want to feel more cozy or private.

With these options, you can create an outdoor structure thats really cool looking and is sure to get you outdoors using your outdoor space.

Where else to use an outdoor structure

Outdoor structures like gazebos, pergolas, and even arbors can serve various practical purposes in your property. They provide a sheltered spot for outdoor dining, relaxation, or social gatherings. Additionally, these structures can create a designated area for your outdoor activities, such as gardening or yoga. Gazebos are ideal for hosting outdoor events like parties or gatherings, while pergolas offer a shaded area for lounging or placing outdoor furniture. Arbors can serve as decorative entrances to gardens or pathways, adding a charming touch to a path or garden space.

Factors to consider before adding outdoor structures

Consider your property’s size and layout before adding an outdoor structure. Make sure to check any local building codes to ensure compliance. Assess the purpose of the structure and how it will enhance your property. Think about factors such as material durability, maintenance requirements, and cost implications. Be mindful of how the structure will blend with your existing landscape. In the Portland area garden structures under 200 sq ft will not require additional permitting, making that size range faster and cheaper to build. Don’t forget to think about setbacks if taking it on as a DIY

Final thoughts on adding outdoor structures to your property

When considering adding outdoor structures to your property, think about how they will enhance your lifestyle and the value of your home. Whether it’s a pergola for summer shade or a cozy fire pit for winter gatherings, these additions can create a welcoming outdoor space for you and your loved ones to enjoy. Outdoor structures also offer opportunities for relaxation and entertainment, serving as extensions of your indoor living spaces. Additionally, investing in well-designed outdoor structures can improve the overall aesthetics of your property and increase its resale value. So, take into account your needs and preferences, and make a thoughtful decision that suits your lifestyle and adds value to your home. Be sure to consult a landscape contractor or designer like us here at Sage Landscapes to help with the planning of the styling and placement of your new favorite spot to hang out!

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