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5 Reasons Why Custom Fire Pits Are the Must-Have Addition to Your Landscape

The rise of custom fire pits in landscape design

Custom fire pits have oficially become popular in landscape design. Here are a few reasons why they are a must-have addition to your outdoor space:

  • Custom fire pits add an obvious and inviting reason to venture into your landscape.
  • They provide a focal point for gatherings and outdoor entertainment that allow for ample seating. A lot of times they are in the middle of a patio, allowing for seating all the way around unlike a fire place.
  • Fire pits can extend the functionality of your outdoor space, by giving you some heat on the cold evenings.
  • Custom designs allow you to be a bit bold with your fire pit’s personality and driving home your landscape style.
  • Humans are drawn to fire, so its a great way to draw your guests out of the house during parties or to draw yourself further into your yard. This allows you to open up artistic choices around your paths of travel, patio types, seating etc all based on this one feature!

That hard to get outdoor ambiance is easy with a custom fire pit

Adding a fire pit to your outdoor space creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere. The warm glow of the fire can enhance the ambiance of your yard, while providing heat and some light, making it the perfect gathering spot. Custom fire pits allow you to design a unique focal point for your landscape that reflects your personal style and preferences. You can enjoy the beauty of a crackling fire while adding a touch of elegance to your outdoor space- some material choices are concrete, stone, metal, tile, boulders. This huge range of material choice is fun for us as contractors and designers to let our imagination run wild!

Design options and personalization for custom fire pits

A fire pit can have a wide range of design options and personalization to suit your taste and landscape. Whether you prefer a modern, rustic, or traditional design, custom fire pits can be tailored to match your style. Not just the materials, but the shape you choose or the size, can make your fire feature unique. We often add built in seating to make the patio feel more enclosed and cozy. The personalization possibilities are nearly endless and it is not crazy to think you could have a one of kind piece. Just over the winter we spent days carving out a basalt column to accept a rectangular fire pit and boring holes for the gas, then we polished the black basalt surface for a stunning and unique fire table like nothing i’ve seen before. Like landscaping in general a fire pit can be artistic and unique to fit your yard or your personality and style.

Get your marshmallows ready, Portland! if you go with a purchased fire pit kit from online, buy from a local metal artisan, or have us build one out of stone I encourage you take full advantage of these summer nights that we get here in Oregon and have yourself a wee fire and enjoy some time outdoors in the space that you have.

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